cri de cœur

Madness sleeps
In this unsatisfied soul
Growling at night
Was the grief that couldn’t be heard
Just like the beating heart she was forced shut

She thought to herself

‘why aren’t men held to same standard?’
‘Is a sex tape of a man different from that of a woman?’
‘Why is the vagina of a woman and not the penis of a man considered to be sacred until marriage?’

At a corner of a room
Her mind and soul doomed
Raped by her husband she couldn’t accuse
The pride on her man’s face
The pride of conquest glazed

‘Why should we take the name of shame?’
‘Why treat us less than human beings?’
‘Why must we be confined to limits?’

And the fear crawls
When the guards fall
Reaching out for help she calls
Hands tied behind her back
Flickering light, devastating impact

‘What makes men think of women as sex objects?’
‘Why can’t men just look and not stare?’
‘Why are women considered to be slaves?’

And left again all morose
Silenced by the pain she cried
Lamenting about being pretty, when she was just meant to be tied
All the degrees and education in vain
When all she meant to do was be an object left insane..

(The title is French for ‘a passionate appeal, complaint, or protest’)

Artwork by Mrzyk & Moriceau


Meditating muse. 

I want to dig my fingers in deep
Drink you in and live under your skin
Crawl alongside your body, grab your arm
Get hold of your mind and not your heart
Wipe off the stubborn remorse rust of lust
Uncompromising honesty, undrawing trust
Tractable young mind, intractable pain
Anomic loner musing over uncertain fate..


And it poured down
Like my muse for you everyday
Swept away the delirium
Washed down my scares
From pillar to post
Filling up with utmost lush
Reminded me of the lilies
As I unraveled and hushed away your thought
As the catastrophe hit me hard
And my hands shuffled in anguish
Greeting your long forgotten love
Unable to summon up life
With chin up high tried to summon up my smile
Swallowing up the guilt
And looking down on my highs. 


​Swim through the sea of despair
Breaking the silences of anxiety
Tumbling upon the pebbles on shore
Dragging self to the outer shell
Of the shiny rough furious tides
Left behind the grim vision of distress
In the hollow sea of the torso
Graving out that follows
Trapped in the suction hole
Breached the force of unpleasant emotions
Let the fear flow away in the sea full of blues
Wreak havoc at the far end
Waving it goodbye to the death
Emerging out as a new and raw
Devoid of concealment; bare and pure.



Inside the circles of prehensile mind
Cleaning our avid thoughts 
We don’t really realise
Where we are and what we’ve lost

Crazy minds, spinning balls
Drawing wavy rippled line 
Ignoring conscious brains 
Realizing each wicked lie and sign

Untying the raveled opinions
Welding knots of desires 
Drowned in overwhelming halo
Burning issues in ghastly fire

Taming and ruling glances
Of light in shadow assists
Fainting away wispy figures
Growling angry utterance persists 

Not a fairy outlook in world
Yet a mundane wonder of unimagined kind
Just peculiar from the usual
Flaccid functional in present time!

To Her Rue. 

Artwork by Joe Webb

Locked in the gaze

When our eyes engaged

On the sidewalk, flowers framed

With my gentle touch there fragrance glazed


As the breeze aced my neck

I smiled gracefully with content

Searched for you in crowd I went

Like a blind for you I fetched


Spellbound by your stare

Left a fire in me that flared

The search of you with every tear

Hazy eyes, igniting fear


I wish I tumbled upon a stone

Rather than planted seeds of love and sown

With the discomfort of losing you my heart groaned

Helpless, unable to function in the crowd alone


Ranting on my way back

I wondered, what senses did I lack

My head was a pile of trash

With time your figure elapsed


As dreamy as a hibernating bear I grew

The only thing I saw was an indistinct outline of you

Inside my mind blushed and attuned

Just like the flowers on the sidewalk bloomed.

Self Sustaining.


The liveliness of the dark eyes
An agreeable beauty that gives pleasure
Pleasing people was not her task
Words were her only gems she treasured

Growing like a enation, a yellow bud
Shining bright, brimmed with love climbing the shore
Moulded into a graceful flower
In desire of achieving more and more and more

Tuned up like a piano
With keys that played songs of praise
Not for herself but for nature
Hazel eyes clouded by people’s hindrance and haze

Held by the fish’s hook
A fragile claim to fame
She has a frail beauty of youth
Hook’s there to put an end to the game

But just as a mother’s bond with a daughter or a poet’s said aloud phrase
Can’t be confused or framed
Just like a father’s promise to his son of candy or a dog’s love for his owner
Can’t be shed or tamed.